What drives us – our mission

Plastics expertise applied sensibly.​

Mankind’s history is one of permanent development. We want to make our lives easier, safer, healthier, and smarter. Plastics play a central role in this. Even if a careless throwaway society has turned plastic into a problematic substance in many places—a world without plastic is no longer possible today.Food-supply safety? Modern Medicine? Affordable living space, mobility and communication systems? In almost every aspect of our life, plastics open up areas for innovation and a wide range of opportunities to create added individual and social value.Our mission is to transform unique material properties into sensible solutions and to develop long-lasting useful products which increase the quality of life for as many people as possible without endangering our environment.

Ultimately, we pursue one goal with everything we do:


To shape the good life for our customers, children, and everyone.
Our brands

Two target groups, two brands, one company.

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MiraHome, a registered trademark of Miraplast, stands for kitchen and household products—in a wide variety and Austrian quality. Our range includes over 300 different products.  You’ll find our products in the food trade, furniture business, retail, and our webshop.



MiraTech, a registered trademark of Miraplast, is a vital pillar of our company. This business area deals with the development of injection-molded plastic parts, the construction of injection molding tools, and series production. We assist our customers along the entire value chain from development and advice to implementation and production, and thus benefit you as a full-system provider.



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A plastics Pioneer for over 50 years.

Welcome to Miraplast!

We are a medium-sized family company, whose history began 1964 in Vienna’s Simmering.  Injection-molding specialists from the very start, we have built a reputation over the past five decades for always finding a smart, high-quality plastic solution for even the trickiest of tasks.

To do this, we blaze new trails, invest in cutting-edge technologies and thus open up more opportunities for our customers to shape their own success story.

In 2005, I took over the business from my father, Gerhard Brunnthaler, and have been running the business ever since. Today, like then, we strive to convince our customers with optimal support, product quality, and reliable delivery. To do this, we are constantly developing at all levels: from the individual employee to automated processes, from innovative products to new markets, to closed material cycles.

Our two brand portals MiraHome and MiraTech provide a quick overview of the diverse Miraplast range. Take a look at our activities and plans in the area of ​​CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). You will be amazed how sustainable a plastics processing company can be.


Markus Brunnthaler – CEO Miraplast GmbH

in the heart of Europe

Out two Locations.

Miraplast consists of 2 companies. The main plant in Würmla, Lower Austria and our 100% subsidiary Miraplast Kft. in Hungary. The same production and quality standards are achieved at both locations.



Miraplast Austria,
Headquarters & Production

The main production site, the design and manufacture of the injection molds and the central warehouse are located at our headquarters in Lower Austria. 80 people currently work in Würmla. We are proud to be one of the most important employers in the region! Since 1970, plastic products have been manufactured using the injection molding method and the most modern machines of the “Engel” and “Battenfeld” brands.

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Miraplast Hungaria Kft

We have been running a 100% subsidiary in Jánossomorja for 25 years, here, near the Austrian border, we specialize in supplying the Eastern European markets. The production is also equipped with both Austrian machines and Austrian “know-how”.